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Seat Box
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Seat Box MK18 D25 Octbox Seat Box MK18 D25 Octbox Seat Box MK18 D25 Octbox Seat Box MK18 D25 Octbox Seat Box MK18 D25 Octbox Seat Box MK18 D25 Octbox Seat Box

MK18 D25 Octbox Seat Box

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Octbox D25 MK18 Seat Box is a very versatile system that can be configured with multiple drawer setups in lightweight aluminium that can be opened without having lift your weight off the seat.  Sockets have been built into the front and rear of the seat box that allow the seat box to be converted to either a two wheel or 4 wheel barrow in under a minute.  The Octbox system is fitted with an extending tool / adaptor bar that can be fitted with posts or bump bar or keepnets as an alternative to fitting such accessories on to the footplate legs.   The advantage of fitting accessories to this extending system is you can move them further away from your feet, from just  a few Cms up to 45cm to give more room.   Moving support for the pole further out to the full extent can reduce the pressure on the elbow by up  to 30% which with the long pole can be several kgs. T
The ultra strong chassis is fabricated from ultra light box alloy with over 230 precison welds to construct the chassis to give a system that is rock solid with no flexing and leg adaptors that can support in excess of 300kg without slipping.
Quick Release Footplate -  Spring loaded plunger bolts allow the footplate to be closed or extended in seconds.  The alloy mesh plate in the footplate has been replaced with a alloy plate and plastic overlay which increases the strength of the footplate. 
Keepnet Adaptor System - Adaptors have been added to both sides of the extending adaptor Frame that extends out of the footplate.  These combined with the stud welded to the front of the footplate and 3 x QF adaptors allow the seat box to be setup with three keepnets in seconds.   Additional keepnets can added buy adding a keepnet arm  (Not supplied) to the left or right footplate legs.   If you need the keepnets higher order 3 x 20cm posts which   will allow the keepnets to be set 8 inches higher.
Wheel Kit Note:   Please note the XL 41cm dia double wheel kit is temporarily unavailable.  The Std 28cm dia double wheel is available

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zzgl. Steuern: 527,08 € Inkl. Steuern: 632,50 €


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